Dominant winter programs rake in loads of awards

Dominant winter programs rake in loads of awards

It's no secret which TAPPS school dominated the winter sports season when it comes to basketball and soccer. 

Bishop Lynch won two state championships, was a state finalist in another and regional finalist in the last. The four teams also combined for three district championships and a combined win/loss record of 99-23-1.

The number of accolades earned by the student-athletes on these four teams was a direct reflection of the success of the teams on the field. Here's a breakdown of the awards for each team:



1st Team All-State — Zach Muller

2nd Team All-State — Jake Milkereit and Imo Essien

Academic All-State — Jake Milkereit, Lou West, and Ethan Stock

1st Team All-District — Zach Muller, Jake Milkereit, Imo Essien, and Jack Bradley

2nd Team All-District — Lou West and Ethan Stock

All-District Hon. Mention — Plae Wyatt, BK Obi, and Jarrett Nunez

District Most Valuable Player — Zach Muller

District Co-Offensive Player of the Year — Imo Essien



1st Team All-State — Endyia Rogers, Jaida Thomas, and Paige Bradley

Academic All-State — Endyia Rogers and Olivia Fitzgerald

1st Team All-District — Endyia Rogers, Jaida Thomas, and Paige Bradley

2nd Team All-District — Talia DePetrillo, Natalie Lark, and Olivia Fitzgerald

All-District Hon. Mention — Addison Knott, Jeanie Kohler, and Clare Simpson

TAPPS All-Tournament Team — Endyia Rogers, Jaida Thomas, Paige Bradley, and Natalie Lark

District Most Valuable Player — Endyia Rogers

District Newcomer of the Year — Talia DePetrillo

Coach of the Year — Andy Zihlman



1st Team All-State — Johnny Bruce, Jack Adams, and Ryan Saldana

2nd Team All-State — Nico Bernal and Blake Casner

All-State Hon. Mention — Cooper Stephens

Academic All-State — Johnny Bruce and Blake Casner

1st Team All-District — Johnny Bruce, Jack Adams, Ryan Saldana, Blake Casner, Cooper Stephens, and Nico Bernal

2nd Team All-District — Adrian Martinez and Kevin Sifuentes

All-District Hon. Mention — Mark Bernabe and Curtis Frisbie

District Most Valuable Player — Johnny Bruce

District Offensive Player of the Year — Jack Adams

District Defensive Player of the Year — Ryan Saldana



1st Team All-State — Jaida Thomas, Mallory Johnson, Alexis Sanders, and Madison White

Academic All-State — Alexis Sanders and Cati Cabra

1st Team All-District — Jaida Thomas, Mallory Johnson, Alexis Sanders, and Madison White

2nd Team All-District — Gabby Dunn, Mariana Zevallos, Cati Cabra, and Andrea Marentes

All-District Hon. Mention — Nikki Chamagua and Audrey Castaner

TAPPS All-Tournament Team — Jaida Thomas, Alexis Sanders, Madison White, and Paige Gross

District Most Valuable Player — Jaida Thomas

District Newcomer of the Year — Gabby Dunn